Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Use of the Term "Geezer"

I received an email after my last blog posting expressing concern that the term “geezer” was off-putting. The person felt it was okay for older people to use the term about themselves but not appropriate for younger people to call older people “geezers.” I guess this is like certain young persons of color using the “N” word among themselves but it not being appropriate for a person of paleness to use the term. My intent is to use the word “geezer” in an affectionate way. My protagonist Paul Jacobson calls himself a geezer, old fogy and old fart. I’m only a geezer-in-training at age 63. As posted last month, I have come across references to many unique geezers and my definition of geezer is “an interesting older character.” But I’d like to hear from others. Do you find the term “geezer” appropriate or inappropriate?

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