Monday, April 28, 2008

Malice Domestic XX

I just returned from Malice Domestic, a wonderful mystery conference with over 400 readers and writers of the mystery genre in attendance for the celebration of its twentieth year. While there, I also had an opportunity to do a signing at a local bookstore with fellow Five Star authors Michael Allan Mallory, Marilyn Victor, Maria Hudgins and Beth Groundwater. Beth was also nominated for an Agatha award for best first novel. Although she didn’t win, she will still always be able to say she was an Agatha nominee, and we got to cheer for her! One of the events at the conference is called the Malice Go Round. Readers sit at fifteen tables and then authors spend six minutes pitching to the attendees at each table before moving on to the next table. I enjoyed the chance to speak with over a hundred people as I jumped from table to table. By the end, my voice was ready to give out. Good panels, great people and a fun time mingling with other crazy mystery readers and writers.

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