Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aging Sleuths - Geezer Lit Mysteries

In the May issue of AARP Bulletin (page 6), there is an article about aging sleuths that mentions mystery novels by Cynthia Riggs, Parnell Hall, Rita Lakin and me. Harlan Coben, president of Mystery Writers of America is quoted as saying, “We’ve just scratched the surface on so-called geezer lit. It could be the next big frontier in crime fiction.” I heartedly agree. With the aging of the population and the fact the many readers are older, there will be an increasing appeal of older protagonists in amateur sleuth/cozy mysteries. All the authors mentioned above have wonderful older sleuths—75 year old Gladdy Gold who is a self-proclaimed private investigator living in a condo in Florida (Rita Lakin), 92 year old poet Victoria Trumbull on Martha’s Vineyard (Cynthia Riggs), gun-totting Cora Felton who won’t divulge her age in the Puzzle Lady series (Parnell Hall) and 84 year old Paul Jacobson who suffers from short-term memory loss (me). Also check out the email loop on Yahoo called Senior Sleuths Forum. The participants are readers and writers who are interested in aging sleuths.

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