Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aging Services

This last year I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Countywide Leadership Council in Boulder County where I live. This organization is involved in creating vibrant communities in which we all age well. There are many issues of aging to be addressed in our community. Even with a large number of professionals living in Boulder, basic needs of the older population must still be met. In our county 12% of people 65 and older are below the poverty level and 21% can’t afford healthy meals. Through a number of organizations including Meals on Wheels, food is being provided to those in need, but often older citizens aren’t even aware of the resources available. For those with computer skills, internet access is available at the public library. A new website directs people to the variety of resources available. One central phone number 303 441-1617 provides an entry point for a caller to be directed to the needed service. The challenge for the year ahead is providing food, housing and access to information for seniors.

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