Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eliminate Politics

Too much energy is wasted in many organizations because of politics. It is idealistic to think that there will be no politics, but I believe the objective should be to eliminate it whenever it crops its ugly head. The importance of eliminating politics can be shown in a simple graphic. In mathematical terms politics result in two vectors pointed at each other.

----> <----

The result is no energy, because the energy of each vector is neutralized by the other. Without politics, you are aligned and the two vectors point in the same direction and you get positive results and energy.

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Donnell said...

Mike, in an ideal world that would happen. How do you suggest we get corporations to follow this brilliant suggestion?

Mike said...

When I was in the corporate world I tried to follow this and encourage my employees to operate this way but it was an uphill battle. There's a book by Jim Collins titled Good to Great that describes research on good companies that became great companies. One of the characteristics was CEOs who built strong teams, stayed in the background rather than feeding their egos and quietly encouraged their employees to produce results rather than posture.