Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Northern Colorado Writers Conference

Amid all the hustle of the writing life, it was nice to spend two days at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference in Fort Collins this last Friday and Saturday. I conducted two workshops titled, “Rejection Is Not a Four Letter Word,” and “The Art of Balancing Writing and a Full Time Job.” When not teaching, I attended as many other workshops as possible, and as I’ve always found at writers conferences, I came up with new ideas as well as additions to my to-do list. I also enjoyed seeing writing friends and making new ones. I’m very loyal to writers conference since I sold my first published novel through a pitch session to Deni Dietz of Five Star at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference in 2005.

In our world of negativity, Mary Roberts put up a board where attendees could write something positive. Here’s a picture:

Pass it along. Everyone think of something good.

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