Thursday, October 17, 2013

Looking at Clouds

Did you ever lie on your back on the grass and look up at clouds when you were a kid? I can remember doing this with friends as we commented on all the different shapes we saw: rabbits, cars, giraffes and expanding blobs.

Okay, now as adults have you looked at clouds? I don’t think I have for almost sixty years. It’s a good exercise, though. After my heart attack three weeks ago, I’m trying to unclutter my life and not rush so much. I’ve even spent time just looking at clouds again. A week ago, I sat in my office chair looking out the window and rather than rushing to the next item on my to-do list, I watched the clouds. They blew, bubbled and churned. Two days ago I lay in bed with the curtains open and watched the clouds at dusk as they turned yellow and pink. What a delightful experience.

Stop and sniff the flowers. Also stop and watch the clouds.

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