Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keeping Balance as a Writer

Writing can be a lonely avocation. Nearly every morning, I sit down at my laptop and delve into a world I create in my own mind. There are adventures, pathos and humor discovered there, but I do this with no human interaction. This inner world can be fascinating, but it needs to be balanced with contact in the outer world.

Consequently, I take a break at midday to go outside. I play a sport called platform tennis two to three times a week. This allows me to enjoy an interesting activity and spend time with friends. Other days, I take walks. This gets me in touch with nature. Since I live close to the mountains in Colorado, I can enjoy nature with all its sights, sounds and aromas.

In the afternoon I do promotional work, often engaging with other writers or doing events. Afternoon and evening are also time for family activities.

I follow this schedule unless we’re traveling to visit our grandkids. During these excursions, I put my writing aside.

For a writer I find it important to keep this balance. I enjoy the solitude of writing but also the interaction with nature and other people.

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