Thursday, March 27, 2014

Friends of Different Ages

Are your friends your age or different ages? I’m fortunate to have friends between  the ages of 10 and 95.

My 10-year-old friend, Fox, keeps me young. We take him to all the kid movies (most recent--The Muppets Most Wanted) go on expeditions, hike and attend his concerts and plays.

My 95-year-old friend, Ed, entertains me with his stories of World War 2 as an infantryman in Europe, prisoner of war and adventures behind the Russian lines when liberated in 1945. This has led to a project of writing his biography. I enjoy his sense of humor, vitality and sound mind. We take walks or sit and chat.

It's a gift to have friends with different perspectives and experiences. I’ve learned a great deal from both ends of the age spectrum.

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