Thursday, April 24, 2014

Photography and Writing

Many days, I take a break from writing and walk for exercise and a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Lately, I’ve been taking my camera and  shooting some pictures of the scenery.

I had an opportunity yesterday to join an outdoor photography class led by Chris Brown. We spent three hours talking about photography and taking pictures along the Doudy Draw Trail south of Boulder, Colorado.

Chris described photography as consisting of four elements: two technical left brain (exposure and focus) and two creative right brain (composing and seeing). We started the day by walking up the trail and seeing what was around us. Chris suggested we view this as an opportunity to exorcise the demons of expectation and familiarity, and it did provide an chance to see things in a new way. I noticed grass waving in the wind, the contrast of shadows and shades of green along the hillside to the east and a row of trees that looked like people marching along a ridge.

In addition to a nice walk and a time to take some pictures, this class helped me see how both photography and writing combine left brain and right brain activities. In my writing I use the left brain for language and the right brain for creativity.

A picture of the group and two of the scenery.


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