Thursday, October 2, 2014

Genre Specific or Genre Diverse

I’ve had a number of discussions with fellow writers lately about sticking to one genre or writing different genres. I read a blog by an agent recently who admonished writers to stick with one genre. That has been the traditional thinking. The rationale makes sense—establish a base of readers and continue to deliver what they expect and enjoy. On the other hand, I’ve read authors who sink into a predictable pattern that becomes boring.

I think there is also something to be said for writing different genres. From a writer’s perspective, I enjoy trying new things, and this provides both a learning experience for me and, hopefully, something fresh for readers. The cautionary note—it’s important to set and meet readers’ expectations and to provide a positive reading experience. In writing multiple genres, it’s necessary to be clear on what’s being delivered to readers so someone isn’t expecting a cozy mystery and find their reading horror.

With this said, what is your opinion of authors sticking to one genre or writing multiple genres?

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