Thursday, May 28, 2015

World War II Speaking Events

Taking a detour from my mystery writing, my first non-fiction book For Liberty: A World War II Soldier’s Inspiring Life Story of Courage, Sacrifice, Survival and Resilience has been published by Green Leaf Publishers.

On D-Day, June 6, the subject of the book, 96-year-old Ed Gitlin, and I will be speaking at two venues in Colorado. At 9 AM they will be at the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum, 12 Garden Center, Broomfield, CO, and at 12:30 PM they will be at the Spirit of Flight Center, 2650 S. Main St. Erie, CO.

What will be fun is the format of these two programs. Ed is very articulate and has a great sense of humor. I always kid him that he has a better memory than I do. We’re going to use an interview format for the presentations. I’ll tee up an event in his past, and then he’ll tell the story of his experience.

To give you an example of his impish sense of humor, Ed once attended a party with his wife, a climate scientist. A pompous academician looked down his nose at Ed and said, “What do you do?”  Ed the owner of a machine shop business said, “Oh, I sweep the floors and clean machines in a machine shop.” The man was taken aback. Ed then put his arm around his wife and said, “And this wonderful woman taught me how to read and write.” As Ed recounted, “Boy did I hear about that from my wife afterwards.”

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