Thursday, November 26, 2015


As a kid I had asthma and got sick all the time.  Then I took up tennis and played competitively through college.  After graduating, I kept exercising regularly and adapted to social tennis on a periodic basis.  Then I discovered platform tennis, and after being diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip, I converted over to platform tennis as my favorite sport. Now that we’ve moved to Southern California, I’m playing pickleball.

As I got older, I became more religious about getting a workout.  I do something every day.  Sure, I miss once in awhile, but it’s about the same order-of-magnitude as days where I miss a meal or a night’s sleep.

Why be so fanatical about exercise?  Because it keeps me healthy in body and mind.

When not playing racquet/paddle sports, I enjoy walking. And once in a while I play golf, but I’m not into extreme and extended workouts. 

Everyone needs to find what works for them regarding frequency, duration and type of exercise. 

I’m more healthy now than when I was a kid.   A regular workout also helps keep me loose and prevents the arthritis from getting worse.  And on Thanksgiving after I've exercised, I don't have to worry about eating a large meal.

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