Thursday, January 7, 2016

How I Operate

I’m a morning person.  I like getting up early and completing work in the morning.  My typical writing schedule has been to write in the morning and do other things in the afternoon. Since moving to California, my priorities have changed; during the weekdays I’m a full time grandpa taking care of our six month old grandson in the morning. Since my wife is a night person, I have the first shift.
Mentally, I find myself operating in three states:
-                      Up--I’m engaged, action-oriented, making things happen, present and motivated.
-                      Down--I feel depressed, fearful, wondering what I’m doing.
-                      Going through the motions--I act like I’m on autopilot, reacting on a rote basis and not checking my feelings.
What’s the difference?  The old mainstay: attitude.  I can encounter the same situation and respond with any of my three mental states.  So it’s up to me to get my attitude in gear.
And after a busy day when it gets dark, I’m ready to sleep.  I prefer an early evening movie to a late one and being a party animal only extends to ten P.M.

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