Thursday, February 4, 2016

Watching Myself

Do you ever find that you’re watching yourself?

I’ve had this experience.  I’ll be in a meeting or writing event and suddenly, I find I’m observing myself and what I’m saying as if I were an impartial third party.  I wonder what he’s going to say.  Oh, that’s how he sounds.  He’s making a good point.  How will the others respond?  That’s a stupid thing to say.  Will others catch it?

Or when playing sports, I’ve found myself “watching” my pickleball strokes or the way I hit a golf ball.

Or at a party I suddenly am observing myself and listening to what I’m saying.

It’s like a mini-out-of-body experience, watching myself as an independent observer.

And what do I discover?  I’m just like everyone else, no better, no worse.
No brilliant repartee--just making my fair share of comments, some on track and some not.

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