Thursday, March 3, 2016

Left Coast Crime Conference Was a Blast

It has taken be several days to decompress from the Left Coast Crime Conference held this last week in Phoenix. I had the pleasure of speaking with many mystery fans and authors and participating in numerous events. I like collecting sound bites at conferences. Here are a few for you:

“Being an athlete is a moratorium on growing up.”

“Write what you want to know.”

When commenting on writing standalone versus series, Thomas Perry said, “One at a time is good fishing.”

One author commented on a reader who said, “I got to page 321 of your 325 page book and just couldn’t read any farther.”

“Writing is like digging a hole with your face.”

“Mysteries are writing to heal the world.”
Here's the audience at the Meet the New Author's Breakfast, which I had the pleasure of moderating:

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