Thursday, May 19, 2016

Threats on Both Ends of the Political Spectrum

You have to hand it to both political parties this election year. The followers of both extremes exhibit a tendency to issue threats. Rather than listening to opposing views, the reaction is to drown out or threaten someone who expresses a different opinion. What happened to the perspective of listening to a different viewpoint, discussing the issues and then making a decision? True believers on the left and the right have all the answers and aren’t open to civilized exchange of differences. It must be reassuring to have all the answers, but it’s not reality. Too many issues have shades of gray. I have no problem with people changing their position if it is based on thoughtful consideration. We can all learn as we gather more information. But let’s hope we can openly debate issues and not resort to personal attacks and threats.

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Patricia Stoltey said...

Well said, Mike! Let's hope whoever is elected can change the tone of the nation and bring a little calm and unity....and we'll hope that's not a pipe dream. :D