Thursday, June 23, 2016

Advice I Gave to My Two Sons When They Got Married

When my two sons got married, this is the advice I gave them:

Commitment to the relationship is paramount.

Acceptance is next to Godliness.


Stay free of expectations.

People and relationships grow and change, but always maintain a core of integrity and commitment.

Focus on how the relationship wins, not proving you’re right.

Two together is better than one in victory.

Never leave angry.  Resolve it first.

Be the first to apologize.

Accept emotions.  Don’t try to combat them with logic.

Respect both intimacy and space.

Little things that irritate you can become endearing qualities.

If conflicts arise between your mother and your wife, support your wife.

Never make love with cold hands.

Just love her.

Today is the 48th anniversary of my marriage. I have to remember to follow my own advice. As they say, the first 48 years are the hardest.

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