Thursday, July 28, 2016

Unified Field Theory

Everything relates to everything else.  Things interrelate.  We just need to pay attention to the interconnections.

The effects of causes propagate out like ripples on a pond, intersecting other ripples, forming crests and troughs.  A particular crest or trough may seem random, but tracing back the chain of events leads to defined causes.  We are not isolated individuals, but all interrelated in the oneness of the human experience.

There are times when I notice what at first seem like coincidences, but these events start tying together.  Something one person says connects with something I’m reading, connects with an event in life, connects with something I see on a walk.  Thoughts start swirling around and a pattern emerges.

I read about a concept such as “flow” and then see examples of it all around me.  I experience being in the moment in sports, while writing, with my family.  It all seems to “click.”

So we can be oblivious to what’s going on around us or we can become aware of the subtle interconnections.

We are one.  The basic teachings of major religions point to the same universal themes.  It’s just that the presentation has been altered through time and across the different traditions.

Do unto others.

The golden mean.

Resist not evil.

Focus on giving not receiving.



These are the basis of the human condition and apply to all people in all cultures throughout all time.

One saying expands upon this:  The wise man can do whatever his heart desires, because his heart knows what is right.

We are all capable of enlightenment, nirvana, heaven, whatever the term you chose.  It basically means we are capable of becoming the best we can.

The universe is neutral.  It’s neither good nor bad.  It just is.  And within this universe, we can choose the path we take as we interact with the oneness of existence.

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