Thursday, October 6, 2016

Grandson Lessons – Good Books

Our fourteen month old grandson loves books. We have a basket of books in our living room, and when he comes over, he picks out his favorites for us to read to him. He will also carry a loved book all over the house with him. His current book of choice is The Happy Man and His Dump Truck. This was first published in 1950, and I read it as a child.

Our grandson also loves trucks becoming extremely excited on days when garbage trucks or street sweepers are in the neighborhood. So the content of this book appeals to him. It has a positive message of a happy man who enjoys driving his dump truck and is friendly to a group of animals. But horror of all horrors, this old book is not PC. It shows the animals accepting a ride with a stranger. Then they sit in the truck bed. And they don’t use seatbelts. But it does promote diversity since animals of all types and shapes get to ride in the dump truck. That’s the trouble with being a writer. I see too many different dimensions of a children’s book. Our grandson just enjoys a good truck book.

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