Thursday, April 6, 2017

Reversion of Rights

I have six published books in my Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit Mystery Series. Print rights have reverted to me for five of these books, with one more in December of this year. One of these has already been published as a trade paperback and I will be working with another publisher on getting the others back in print.

This all came about because my previous publisher, Five Star, decided to exit the mystery book publishing business. With rights being reverted, I now can take the necessary steps to keep the books in print.


Maria Hudgins said...

Do you have any good advice on finding a paperback publisher? Harlequin/Worldwide Mystery has done all my Five Star books as direct to consumer paperbacks, but I don't think that infringes on other paperback editions.

Mike Befeler, author of geezer-lit and paranormal mysteries said...

Maria, Encircle Publications published one of Senior Moments Are Murder as a trade paperback and we're in discussions about doing more. They did cover artwork for Five Star and have now expanded into publishing.