Sunday, June 8, 2008

Retirement Home Visit

Yesterday I visited a retirement home nearby and was impressed by the active and interesting seniors living there. One 96-year-old resident showed me the large-type copy edition of Tony Hillerman’s Skeleton Man she was reading. In the lobby when I arrived, groups of residents were competing at a game of beanbag baseball, throwing beanbags through the holes in a wooden box to score hits and runs. Upstairs in the lounge a gray-haired lady played WII golf, accurately teeing off and in four shots sinking her final putt. I was reminded of 102-year-old Elsie McClain, who I referred to in an earlier post, shooting a hole in one at real golf. One of the resident managers told me of a resident who complained one time of grasshoppers being in her room. No one could figure out how they got there, until she was seen one day trapping them outside and bringing them into her room.

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