Friday, January 30, 2009

More from the ALA Conference

I ended up spending four days at the ALA Conference in Denver. Working the Bouchercon booth was a great team of Jim Huang, Boucherson co-chairman, authors Rosemary Harris and Bonnie Ramthun, author Craig Johnson’s wife Judy and librarian Barbara Bibel. Many librarians visited the booth to learn about the Bouchercon Mystery Conference. Wyoming mystery author Craig Johnson was signing at the conference and came by afterwards. He shared a story of driving too fast in Wyoming and being stopped by a state trooper. Fearing the worst, he handed over his driver’s license and was surprised when the trouper recognized him and indicated he had read some of his books. He escaped without a ticket but an admonition: “Mr. Johnson, please drive slower. We’d like you to be around to write some more books.”

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