Saturday, January 17, 2009

Open Mic Night

Last Thursday I participated in a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Open Mic Night at the Borders in Flatirons Crossing. Dave Jackson organized the evening of entertainment by local authors and kicked off the event with a rousing guitar and vocal rendition of On The Road Again, intermixed with liver jokes (you remember how much you enjoyed liver as a kid). Betsy Dornbusch read from her vampire short story Kenna’s Song and Linda Berry read from her book Death and the Hubcap, describing a small town character who walks around town with a hubcap in his hands believing that he’s driving a car. Catherine Roy performed a performance art piece called Canary Me about a woman who misinterprets an Italian boyfriend, who rather than asking her to marry him actually suggested they go to the Canary Islands. Chris Devlin demonstrated her vocal and guitar skills with a U2 song. Robin Owens read from her novel Heart Fate. Mike Madigan read from articles he had written to commemorate 150 years of the Rocky Mountain News. One poignant story described the death of Baby Doe Tabor in a Leadville miner’s shanty where she froze to death in 1935. I pitched in with a humorous talk on geezer-lit mysteries. We had an enjoyable evening and provided an eclectic set of entertainment for the group of folks who attended.

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