Sunday, July 5, 2009

Police Training Exercise

I had an opportunity to participate in another police training exercise. This time I role played someone illegally camping. I spent most of a sunny morning sitting in a reclining camping chair while new police officers in pairs showed up to give me a ticket. It wasn’t stressing work and the intent was to give them a first experience in writing tickets and calling in information. I had been given a driver’s license that they used to check out my identity. In a second scenario my buddy and I roll played drinking and being obnoxious (I don’t drink but the obnoxious part came easily). In one instance the police officers had to cuff me. We ended the morning with a picnic just as a thunder storm rolled in. I encourage anyone who is interested to volunteer for this type of exercise with a local police department. It provides a needed service for the police and also insights into what police officers have to deal with.

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