Friday, July 10, 2009

What happens if you swear at a police officer

What happens if you swear at a police officer? This morning I participated in another police training exercise in which another volunteer and I exhibited strange behavior and the use of fighting words. The strange behavior came easy for me. I wandered around the park where we conducted the exercise waving my arms and acting zoned out. Then when the pairs of police officers-in-training showed up, my roll playing required that I swear at them until they warned me against using fighting words and when I continued, they arrested me. During the morning I insulted six police officers, got cuffed four times, picked up a knife which I was told to drop, and had a concealed gun in my pocket. All part of a day’s work. As role players we were given driver’s licenses that had been previously confiscated. When asked for identification, we turned over these licenses which the officers used to call in our identification. One interesting coincidence occurred. One of the police officers-in-training actually recognized the name on the license that my fellow role player was using. It was someone he had gone to school with in Ohio. Talk about a small world.

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