Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stream Hike

When I take a break from writing and speaking engagements, I like to walk. Recently I have taken a new kind of hike—a stream hike. Rather than walk on a path, I walk in a flowing streambed. The first time I tried this, I used reef walkers but found my feet got sore when walking on the stones in the stream. What worked much better was a pair of old hiking boots. I went in a stream that was low flowing and not more than two feet deep. Being the end of August and beginning of September, the water wasn’t that cold. Several things I learned. It’s important to use walking poles for balance. Use mosquito repellant. Do it when the sun is out so you can see the bottom of the stream. Following these guidelines, it can be an enjoyable form of exercise with beautiful scenery and no crowds. And your feet don’t overheat.

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Patricia Stoltey said...

Sounds like good exercise, Mike.