Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Police Role Playing

Today I participated in another role playing exercise to train new police officers. In the first scenario I was a suspect in a sexual assault case. When the police arrived, I tried leaving the house, and when the police stopped me, I told them I was glad to see them because a berserk woman was screaming inside the house. I claimed to be a refrigerator repairman who had been called to a house, and then a crazy lady scratched me (there was fake blood on my hand). The officers had to determine if I was a victim or a suspect. I had a knife on my belt and the trainee didn’t notice it and remove it. The trainer pointed this out, and the trainee will never make that mistake again! Eventually, I was cuffed as a suspect. In a second scenario, I hid in a closet and was discovered when the police trainees practiced a house sweep. So my crime spree is over, and I’m back to being a mild-mannered mystery writer once again.

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