Monday, August 13, 2012


I enjoy watching the Summer Olympics every four years. In addition to the volleyball, swimming and track events, I had an opportunity to see some sports I wasn’t familiar with. The one that intrigued me the most was team handball. It was fast-paced and had the best elements of soccer and basketball. What I don’t like about soccer is that scoring happens so infrequently. With team handball there’s lots of scoring. What I dislike about basketball is the last two minutes of a game takes forever with all the fouling and time outs. Team handball keeps the pace going all the time.

Last week we visited two of our grandkids and I put together an “Olympics” for my five-year-old grandson The events included: standing long jump, races in the back yard, a race of pushing a block with your nose, balloon volleyball, a climb to the top of a slide, a hula hoop high jump and a rubber ball shot put. After every event he wanted to know if he had won a gold medal.

Now I’m back to writing and have Olympics withdrawal. Only four more years to wait.

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Anonymous said...

The Paralympics start soon. Wait'll you see wheelchair basketball!