Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trivia Uncovered When Doing Research for Writing

I’m currently writing the biography of a World War 2 veteran. When he tells me stories of his experiences fighting the Germans, in a prisoner of war camp, behind Russian lines when liberated from the camp, and back to the American lines, I research the times and parallel events in history. After the war when he was in Paris, he bought Lifebuoy soap at the PX, He later went to a park and sold soap and cigarettes to get spending money.

In researching this, I came across a story about Lifebuoy soap. During the 1920s, an outfield wall advertisement for Lifebuoy at the Philadelphia Phillies stadium stated, "The Phillies use Lifebuoy." One night a vandal added to the ad, "And they still stink."

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