Thursday, August 27, 2015

Using My Left Hand

Two months ago when we moved from Colorado to California, I suffered a hand infection (cellulitis) and for a week kept my right hand elevated while IV antibiotics were administrated. During this time I didn’t do any writing, but I checked email and sent messages. I suddenly learned to do things left handed. As an example I operated my computer mouse with my left hand. At first this felt unnatural, and I couldn’t keep the cursor in the correct spot, but with practice I became almost as proficient as with my right hand. Now that I’m fully recovered, I’ve continued to use the mouse left handed. Who says older people can’t change?



Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Mike! Any chance you could add a "subscribe by email" gadget to your sidebar? It's the easiest way for me to follow new blog posts.

Jennifer Schuster said...

As the only left-hander in my family I learned years ago to use the mouse and pad with my right hand. Now, of course, I'm unable to do it with my dominant left hand.