Thursday, June 29, 2017

I’ve Become a Connoisseur of Trucks

What we notice and don’t notice can be affected by things in our personal lives. I never noticed pregnant women until my wife was pregnant, and suddenly I saw them everywhere.

Now I’ve become a connoisseur of trucks. How did this happen? Our almost-two-year-old grandson loves trucks. When he and I walk down the street to go to the park, he starts hooting whenever he sees a garbage truck, street sweeper, mail truck, UPS truck, Fed Ex truck or moving van. When we drive somewhere in the car and he’s in the backseat in his car seat, we shout out whenever we see a tanker truck, cargo truck or any other variety. I didn’t used to pay attention to trucks but now even when my wife and I are the only ones in the car we still call out when we see a truck.

And the most popular books that our grandson likes to have read to him. Yup, books about trucks. And my wife does sticker books with him. Most exciting stickers: trucks.

So I’ve gone from being a truck agnostic to becoming a truck connoisseur.

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