Saturday, January 26, 2008

Older Readers and Email

A portion of the readership of my geezer-lit mystery, Retirement Homes Are Murder, consists of seniors. A lot of older citizens don’t use computers. In fact only 35% of households headed by people 65 and older have computers and only 29% use the Internet. Yet, some of the older people who do use the Internet have sent me email messages about my book. Here is a sampling of the ones I have enjoyed:

"This book realistically covered a lot of the issues that seniors face but no one wants to talk about. I felt like I personally knew all of the characters and hated for the book to end."

"Now I am only 76 so it is hard to relate to those old fogies; but I am close enough that the symptoms are appearing. Like, my buddies and I play hard tennis twice a week; but, sometimes, after a heated point, nobody remembers what the game score is. Nevertheless your book kept me laughing, many times out loud. It was a wonderful read and I will pass it along to all my buddies."

"Thank you so much for the joy you gave me in reading your book. Paul Jacobson is my new hero. Whilst I am traveling towards the twilight zone myself this book makes me feel so good about myself, that I can rest easy in the knowledge that all is not lost."

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