Saturday, January 19, 2008

What is a geezer?

So what is a geezer? As my protagonist, Paul Jacobson, in Retirement Homes Are Murder would say, a geezer is an old fart who is still kicking. Some of interesting geezers include the following: 82 year old Gus Jones of Seattle who while walking down the streets of Seattle in early 2007 was attacked by a berserk man who tried to throw lighter fluid on him and set him on fire. Gus whacked the guy with his cane and escaped. The crazy man went on to set two women on fire, fortunately only singeing their hair before he was subdued. The picture of Gus in the Seattle Times showed him smiling and holding his cane high in the air. Or another example that isn’t the typical picture of a tottering gent. In Ohio an 89 year old man was arrested for driving around naked. And there is the British rock group the Zimmers who debuted at #23 of the British rock chart. Their average age is 79 including lead singer Alf Carretta who is 90 year old and another band member Winifred Warburton age 99. Recently featured on NBC today was 100 year olf Legrand Nielson who runs races, swims, bikes and retains a great sense of humor. And one of my favorites is a “geezerette,” 102 year old Elsie McClain, who shot a hole in one while playing golf.

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