Sunday, December 26, 2010

Font-an Pen

After a great Christmas with the family and eating good food, I’m back to doing a little catch up today. In looking back over notes I’ve made, I came across one that gave me a chuckle. This happened when I had breakfast with a friend of mine and showed him a pen I had received as a thank you for giving a talk to a Rotary club. The pen had a window on side, and every time you clicked it, a cylinder inside would rotate to display one of six messages about the Rotary goals. My friend told me that he had once put together a pen with this same message capability. He called it a Font-an pen. In the window displayed the names of six different fonts such as Times Roman, Arial, Courier, Calibri, Cambria, Gothic. He would hand the pen to people and tell them to click to the appropriate font which the pen would then write with.

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