Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Modest Proposal Circa 2013

When I lose heart because Congress bogs down in intramural squabbling, posturing and spouting diatribes of the extreme left and extreme right, my mind wanders to A Modest Proposal.

How about this. If members of Congress can’t agree on issues that constituents want addressed such as the economy, jobs, the budget, debt, education, the environment and immigration, they should be given two months to reach a consensus. If they can’t, they all will be locked in an arena with a pack of hungry lions. If any legislators survive, they can complete their tenure. For the non-survivors, we elect a whole new slate, and they’re given the two month deadline or face the same consequences as their predecessors. I suspect we’d see some decisions if their lives depended on it.

With apologies to Jonathan Swift.

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